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Do not fall in love with girls on floating islands.
Do not grab her letter from the sky and chase her unknown outline into the heavens.
Do not follow little lights into the darkness and lose your way— or find it.

Winifred Otiena lives in a city that shares a very special holiday with a floating continent: they send paper airplanes up to their sister land each year. The island in exchange passes down lanterns of every color back to earth. Winnie is young when she catches her first lantern and reads the note tucked away inside.

She is young when she starts to fantasize about meeting the girl who wrote it and eventually trying to reach her. As she grows older her search continues and her feelings begin to shift when her hopes seem fully realized. A story of a far-off future where two girls are separated by sky and land and how they slowly fall for one another— as well as rise.

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In a tidy well-built home on the outskirts of a village on the outskirts of the world lives a doe.

Fatherless and alone, MaryAnne has no herd. She is marked by fate. Other Beast Folk hang Juniper above her door. Year by year she survives the winter . . . until a howling comes.

Wolves of the bone cities are not meant to hunt their northern neighbors. Yet, the Hinterlands are wild places where rules bend and magic eats. Wolves may howl there and prove their worth. Despite her companions warnings, Shier the wolf begins to stalk a tricky doe. And MaryAnne may have tricks yet. Traveling from one villager to the next, she attempts to find secrets not meant for prey: What do wolves fear?

A classic tale of the hunt, a forest and the untamed places of the world, and a romance masked in teeth.

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“Each story lets you fall into a new world and a new sort of love. Each one is so well written you long for more.”
                    —  Amazon Reviews

“Each work invokes a different set of yearnings, all tied together with evocative language and sometimes painfully relatable characters.”  Goodreads Review

"When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it."

                  — Caitlyn Siehl


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